Healing Hands Open Heart


EASE: Freedom from concern, anxiety: a quiet state of mind


JOY: The emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying, keen pleasure; elation


GLORY: A state of great splendor. Exuberant expression and
abundance of life



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Healing Hands Open Heart

Access Bars® Practitioner Joyce Smith

I am on Sabbatical at this time, but please feel free
to browse my site for all the beneficial products
that you can still purchase if you choose.

In Love & Light - Joyce



What are The Bars® ?


The Bars® is a body process for dynamic change which involves touching 32 points on the head that start to clear all the limitations you have about that area in your life.


At worst it will feel like a great massage and in the best care scenario, your whole life will change!


"It was first a sense of peace I'd had in almost 3 years. It was the first time remembering everything was ok, everything always had been, and everything always would be..."




Questions to Create and Amazing Life & Living

Ask these questions daily, and whenever you feel inspired, and see what changes in your life!

What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What are the infinite possibilities?

Would an infinite being truly choose this?

What would it take for (whatever you desire) to show up?

Who am I today and what Grand and Glorious adventures will I have?
What does this planet require of me?

What choice do i truly have?

What am I grateful for today?

What would it take for this to turn out far greater than I could imagine?

If I was living my life today, what would I choose?


Healing Hands Open Heart


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